chores your kids can do

The quicker you can pass on chores , the more responsibility they’ll have, and the less you’ll have to do! Make sure you are expecting great things from your children and this step will give them the sense of independence

preschoolers also love some individual time with adults.if we teach them on one on one basis the appropriate way they would love to get involve in some chores without any supervision .they also like rewards which don’t have to be huge at initial stage.Start off small. It’s easy for a little one to get overwhelmed when faced with a playroom or bedroom with toys  all over the place.try using sticker chart that gives them an opportunity to build up for huge rewards..

below is the list of some chores which your preschoolers can do .just remember Your goal is not to have a little housekeeper, it’s to instill good habits now, so as your child gets older he’ll understand the importance of pitching in.

for preschoolers :

  • Wiping windows with cloth and spray bottle filled with water
  • Setting the table
  • Clearing table
  • Putting dishes in sink or dishwasher
  • Sweeping small messes with hand broom
  • Put away laundry in correct places
  • Folding simple clothing items like  pants..
  • Sort laundry by family member (trust me they would love it )
  • Dusting
  • Bringing newspaper in from outside
  • Putting books on bookshelf correctly
  • Help to water plants
  • Pulling weeds from garden
  • Helping carry laundry basket
  • Assisting adult in the kitchen with measuring, pouring  and mixing
  • Hanging up coat and hat
  • Carrying small bags of groceries
  • Assist in putting away groceries


5 – 7 years old kids :

  • Folding their shirts and other clothing items — teach them how to do it, and don’t expect perfection
  •  Sweeping the floor or using vacuum cleaner
  • Learn to wash dishes
  •  Straightening books on bookshelf
  •  Wiping table after a meal
  • Making bed
  •  Putting items in car
  •  Picking up trash in car
  •  Picking out clothes and dressing without assistance
  •  Helping prepare their own lunch — sandwiches, simple side items

After each job is completed, give them  some kind of reward …like  stickers on the chart or beans or buttons in a jar that can be redeemed for a prize when full. Some parents like to offer an allowance which also is something to consider although young children don’t quite understand the concept of money yet. No matter how you choose to acknowledge your child’s hard work, make sure their is a lot of praise involved… hugs and kisses are worth millions to your little one.

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